About Us

About Us

Creativiy, simplicity and coziness, immersed in a multicultural atmosphere of travellers and students from around the world who, supporting a sustainable future and continued flourish of natural surroundings, share a healthy, peaceful and cooperative environment that supports well-being…this is the definition of SLOW Hostel.


We welcome guests who crave a fresh way of thinking and experiencing tourism; those who seek to submerse themselves in the depths of culture, gastronomy, environment and society offered by our state and region; those who salute difference as an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve. The team at SLOW is in fact one big family, the hostel is our home where guests are welcomed with open arms and open minds.


Our common areas are furnished for optimal comfort and vivid interaction. A fully-equipped kitchen invites collaboration and creativity in shared home-cooked dinners, and quiet tidy bedrooms ensure a good night´s rest in preparation for the variety of tourism activities available every day (learn about all of them in our Reception!)


It is within this relaxed, informal context that SLOW Hostel is at your service as a creative accomodation offering hospitality and security in this beautiful city where the sun first rises in the Americas, João Pessoa-Paraíba.


Hostel Activities

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  • Walking and Bus Tour – Be local with us

    We’re committed to offering you the best service, including providing you the best EXPERIENCE of our city, the capital of Paraíba, where the sun rises first in all of the Americas – the reception will gladly give you all the tips – the best hints – about João Pessoa but we also have great tips for all of Paraíba and the Brazilian Northeast. Rest assured that you will enjoy the place as much as a local; you’ll experience it deeply and truly. Join the SLOW Hostel family and fall in love with João Pessoa – Paraíba.

    Note: we organize walking tours, bike trips, bus tours, and nights out, ask at reception for more information or contact us.

  • Go Green

    He/she who loves, cares that’s why we cannot avoid caring for the place/the world we live in and the people around us. SAVING WATER, SAVING ENERGY, RECYCLING, CARING FOR A SMALL ORGANIC GARDEN AND FRUITS TREES is our choice and our commitment to creating a better world through our business.

    We capture rainwater and treat it to transform it into potable water. Our beach shower relies on a solar panel and the rainwater we capture.

    We #gogreen and we ensure our commitment to the environment and to every single person who shares, somehow, in this beautiful and amazing journey on Earth with us.

  • Stay with us

    If you are in the city to study or work, SLOW HOSTEL is still your best accommodation option with a great value. This is the place where you will feel at “home sweet home”. We keep a positive and calm atmosphere for everyone, no matter the purpose of their trip, so everyone can relax and enjoy. We are one big family, come join us.

  • The best cultural atmosphere awaits you at SLOW Hostel – Hospedagem Criativa

    Here you will enjoy on-site pocket shows, music and dance workshops, poetry readings and other activities.